Why Do People Use LED Lights?

The Color Rendering Index is the power of light in showing the original colors of an object when compared to a light source (natural light). In general, the CRI value of h11 led bulb conversion kit is quite high. It is higher than other types of lights.

Famous LED lights are very adaptive to any weather conditions. LEDs can operate in very wide range temperature situations without a significant level of degradation in the lamp. This fact makes many people use LEDs as garden lights.

LED lights can operate without demanding the use of high voltage. Very low voltage requirements certainly affect the efficiency of electricity use. It also makes the LED suitable for outdoor lighting needs.

Unlike other lights, LEDs only produce the spectral spectrum of light and the infrared spectrum, not UV. This of course makes the LED can prevent users from the dangers that can be caused by UV light on the skin. This is what makes LED lights popularly used as learning lights.

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