Ventilation And Water Puddles Affect The Termites Infestation At Home

Termites are one of the problems often found in houses or furniture made from wood. Besides being annoying, the existence of termites also makes home materials and furniture made from wood so it doesn’t last long. Actually, there are many ways to eradicate termites, but you should not rely on chemical drugs as a way to eradicate termites because of the health risks they cause. Conversely, how to eradicate termites naturally is seen as safer. Furthermore, you definitely need to know the best termite damage repair that can get rid of those pests from your home.

For those of you who have a similar problem, let’s take a look at two tips on how to naturally eliminate termites:

How to get rid of the most basic termites: Make more ventilation at home

Termites tend to like a place that is damp and lacks sunlight. If you have a house and lots of wood furniture, then the first way to eradicate termites is to build adequate ventilation so that sunlight can enter every corner of the house. That way, even furniture made from wood will not be easily eaten by termites.

If some wood-based furniture has been attacked by termites, then the next way to eradicate termites is to dry the furniture in an open area. This facilitates direct sunlight to expel termites.

How to eradicate termites by removing water puddles from your yards

Where there is a pool of water, that’s where termites will breed. How to eradicate termites from the outside of the house is to prevent the presence of stagnant water, both in the yard or in the gutter.

How to eradicate termites needs to be done especially during the rainy season. Instead of having a lot of puddles, it’s good that your home page has rainwater reservoirs such as ponds for easy cleaning. Also clean the gutter regularly, besides as a way to eradicate termites, it can also eradicate mosquitoes

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