The Early History Of The Applications Of Bolts And Screws

Initially, the screw began with the discovery of a water transfer machine, then the screws were used. The application of the screw concept is also applied in other fields such as drilling and material transfer. Bolts / Screws are one of the simplest technologies ever created that started from a machine known as a screw machine. Bolts/screws were created in ancient Egypt and Greece. The Greek community stated that the inventor of the bolt/screw was the Greek philosopher of the Archytas of Tarentum. However, Archimedes, who was given credit as the inventor of the Archimedes Screw Water Pump, at around 234 BC. It’s because the screw machine is complicated from its manufacture, bolts or screws are only used as a connector on some machines. The bolts/screws we know today began to be used in the 15th century in hours. Screws are also applied in drilling and removing material (other than water) in the century. The simple machine theory was later refined by an Italian scientist named Galileo Galileo in the 1600s. Additionally, you may hire the best visit this link service if your company has a lot of broken ball screws.

Historical building with a large number of screws

Crystal Palace and World Expo was a masterpiece in the world of architects in England in the 19th century. The building was built with 4500 tons of iron and 300,000 pcs of glass. This 3-level building has a length of 563 meters and a width of 138 meters. This building is supported by 3300 pcs cylinder pipes and 2300 iron beams for the main structure. This building can contain 10,000 people together. Hundreds of thousands of glass and thousands of iron and steel beams are connected by high tensile fasteners.

Fasteners on bicycles

Usually, on one bicycle there are about 50 bolts that use the Allen wrench (L Key). Germany is one of the countries that produce the biggest bicycles. In Germany alone, there are around 69 million bicycles. Bicycle sales skyrocket to 6.8 million bikes sold per year. Bicycles have a variety of bolts that support parts of each other and incorporate these parts from shocks.

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