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Things You Must Know About Inverter Air Conditioners

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AC Inverters last longer. This statement is totally wrong which has to do with the type of Freon used, but if the cooling problem is scientific, it should make the room cooler faster than the non-inverter air conditioner because it has a larger Btu. Additionally, feel free to call the aircon service singapore when your AC malfunctions in the middle of a very hot day.

For example, AC Standard with 1PK has the ability to cool a room or Btu of 9,300 while AC Premium Inverter 1PK has a Btu range of 4,100 – 12,300. So when the new AC was first turned on Btu the 1PK AC Inverter was released which could reach 12,300 (aka increased capacity to 1.5PK) compared to 9,300 constant. So in a shorter time, the room temperature will drop. So I emphasize once again that the AC Inverter is cold for a long time. Remember to use AC Inverter with Freon R32 if you want it to feel really cold. Especially if you use Aero Inverter or Elite Inverter, they have iAutoX technology. So the technology can make a very strong burst of wind plus Econavi Dual Sensor technology that can “chase” humans in the room so that in the first 20 minutes the wind bursts so that it feels faster to cool, and after 20 minutes, the AC fin will move up so you don’t cold. Sophisticated right?

 The AC inverter hassle, difficulty and expensive maintenance including the contents of the freon. Well, this statement is also wrong. Why? Because maintenance is the same as non-inverter air conditioners, which must be diligently washed once every 3 months, or once every 2 months if anyone smokes indoors or you live in an area near the sea And the AC washing must also use PAM water, not groundwater, because the groundwater contains salt which can make the air conditioner quickly rust. Unless you have a water filter in your home. For more details, we invite you to read articles on how to use air conditioners to last a long time and save electricity.