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You May Want To Know These Car Problems And Their Solutions

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If you experience this on the door of your car, you must definitely replace it with a new handle. But if the handle is just released, of course, you can still fix it again by opening the door trim. It’s because this is caused by the release of the connecting iron ties on the handle inside Locksmith Singapore. Meanwhile, perhaps you may also call the recommended locksmith service in singapore if your car door is damaged and you can’t repair them by yourself.

Car Window Cannot Go Down

On the window glass that cannot go up and down or also tilted, this is one of the problems that often occur in the door of the car, this is caused by the rail or the mechanism path on the window glass of the place.

The way to deal with this is that you have to look at the inside of the door and do it by returning it to the rail or the glass path in its original position or initially.

The Door Cannot Close the Meeting

In addition to the window cannot go up and down, usually the door on the car also cannot close tightly, this is usually caused by rubber on the door of the car that has been hard or brittle, usually, the problem often occurs in cars that have long usage.

The best solution is that you have to replace the rubber with a new one. For the size of the front door, it usually requires a rubber length of up to 4 meters.

How to fix the problem of the car door, you should leave it to the specialist workshop or official car workshops. It’s because they know more about the damage that occurs to car doors such as:

Adjusting the hinges on the car door
The door line that is not symmetrical with the car door
Porous because the rubber has begun to brittle
And for information on the door of the box that is hard to meet when closing it, especially the center door, for example, the Box Granmax car, this is due to the condition in an airtight car, resulting in closing the air door causing the door to be less tight. So when closing it, try to be rather hard.