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How You Apply For Your First Job

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The first job is the most eagerly awaited moment. The reason is, at the moment, we can finally have our own hard-earned income. Many of us then make the CV as good and interesting as possible so that the company is more interested. In fact, not a few are also a little lie about the work experience or organization that has been done so that the CV that has been made is more ‘sell’. This is not recommended if you want to apply for your first job. You can also try an online job application by benefiting from the presence of direct gov jobs my online job centre.

You have to make a CV or resume honestly. You must be honest about your educational background to work or organizational experience. If you are successfully accepted by the targeted company, it is not impossible if it actually backfires for yourself.

Do you have a connection? Many people think that people who get the first job easily, maybe because he has acquaintances in the company. That may not be a coincidence. You can contact relatives, school friends, or your teacher and lecturer. Tell them that you are looking for the first job that suits your field. They can only give you recommendations to certain companies.

Before you come to a job interview, you are obliged to find as much information as possible about the company, from the background to what the company does. You also have to understand the tasks and positions that you are applying for, so if there are questions related to that, you can answer them well.

You must use polite clothes when you come to a job interview. For guys, you can use material pants and neat shirts, complete with loafers. As for girls, you can use a blazer. Remember, first impressions can be very decisive.