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Things To Know About Electricity

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A typical problem with electricity is the absence of reliable and efficient electrical energy storage. As a result, electrical energy must be generated when needed. All generators, transmission lines, and distribution channels must be built with the same capacity as the maximum system load plus a certain safe margin. In fact, the maximum load may only occur for several hours every day. As a result, more than half of the power plants and transmission lines that are built at very high costs must be unemployed every day. How can you save energy use which also impacts on your financial saving? If you hire professional domestic electricians near me, you can save much more money. You also contribute to saving energy because your electrical problem is fixed properly.

If we have 100 units of fuel, this fuel must be processed at the plant into electricity. In the conversion from fuel to electricity, almost 70 units were wasted. The low efficiency of the generator is what drives a lot of research in the field of generation. The remaining 30 units of electrical energy, then it must be transmitted and distributed to consumers. On the way to consumers, about 10 units were wasted on the channel. That is, consumers will only receive 20 units of electricity.

There should be regulations that encourage consumers to make savings and who force only energy-saving equipment that can be sold in this country. Saving energy is not synonymous with working in darkness and discomfort. Savings may not reduce productivity and comfort. In many cases, savings can be done at no cost. If savings are made, the authors believe that this country does not need to build as many new plants and transmission lines as planned at this time. The construction of 2 × 10000 MW of coal plants will not solve the problem. Instead, it creates new problems due to some issues, such as marriages, supporting facilities, finance, and the environment.