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You Can Use These Tips To Make A Good 6 Seconds Ad Video

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Bumpers have different properties than longer video ads. Therefore, an effective target audience will also be different. The first trait, the Bumper on YouTube, cannot be skipped (skip). Users must always watch it until it’s finished, so it’s likely that your message will arrive at the user as a whole. Additionally, you may hire the best video production house singapore if you want to make the high-quality ad video for your business read here.

Secondly, video bumpers are suitable for mobile users because of their short duration. YouTube data in 2016 shows that 50 percent of users aged 18-49 years prefer to use smartphones than computers to watch videos.

This does not happen only when they leave the house, but also inside the house. The reason is that smartphones are easier to use and more personal. Snack content tends to have high performance on mobile devices, including Bumper videos.

Because the duration is short and cannot be passed, the Bumper can force the audience to focus on the message, even if only for six seconds. This makes the Bumper suitable to introduce the brand to new users. While for users who are familiar with brands (retargeting), advertisements 15-30 seconds are more effective.

The strategy for using a bumper lies in reps. Designing a six-second ad may not be memorable if we only see it once, so we must show it repetitively in order to raise the brand awarenes in the mind of our customers.

Tips from practitioners

Bumper advertisements may be of short duration, but that does not mean making them easier. Instead, we must better understand the topics, mediums, and production tools that we have to be able to produce memorable six-second content.

Great creators on YouTube have shared seven practical tips that we can apply to make Bumper ads. Here are some tips from them:

If you want to add a joke, you must focus on a “punchline” or interesting conclusion that is the core. From there you develop a story, with limited duration.

One word, one picture, and one second is enough to create a memorable story. Choose a concept that can arouse the emotions of the audience in that range.

Simplicity will make it easier for the audience to focus more on the message you convey.