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These Are Two Important Things About England That You Must Know

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England is one of the countries included in the United Kingdom (UK). England is one of the most famous countries in the UK. There are many people who want to come to England. However, to be able to go there, you need a visa. You can do a b1 english test first before you can get a visa to go to England advanced english test online free.

Before you go to England or if you want to stay in the UK for a long time, these are two things you need to know.

The Economy
England is one of the largest industrial countries in Europe and even the world. The results of the country’s main industries are textiles, steel, railways, electronic devices, agricultural equipment, chemicals, and children’s toys. Heavy industries are concentrated in iron ore and coal mining areas called “the black country” with centers in Birmingham and Sheffield. In addition to the Industrial sector, the England economy is also supported by a fairly advanced livestock sector. Livestock that is mostly kept are cows, pigs, sheep, poultry. Livestock products in the form of meat, milk, eggs, and wool. Besides that, England is also famous for its advanced fisheries sector with the port of Grimbsy, Hull and Great as its center. At present the per capita income of the UK reaches £ 22,907 in a year.

The culture
In the United Kingdom there are many cultures that show that they are an independent western country. For example, the ancient architecture of St. Paul’s Cathedral was built in prehistoric times. Buildings and architecture in the early Middle Ages were usually simple constructions using wood with thatched roofs. England has various kinds of folk tales that until now are still known by people, such as the story of Robin Hood. English folklore has developed over the centuries. Some characters and stories represent the whole of England, but there are also some who represent certain regions.