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Experiences Lead People To Pray

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Do your parents teach you to pray ‘give us today our sufficient food? ‘ We may feel that we don’t need to pray this part every day because there is still food in the fridge anyway and there is still money to buy food if the supplies are up. Tsunami victims in Japan may never have imagined that if there was a time when they could not buy food at all because the money in the bank could not be taken away, they also could not return to work to earn a living and they must completely depend on the mercy of people other. You can ask anything when you pray. However, God listens to your desire and hope. Unfortunately, most of us don’t pray because we think that we have a happy life. We have everything and we get everything. What’s about miracle healing prayer? Do you believe it?

Through experiences of such difficulties, we are reminded once again, that we are beings who are absolutely dependent on God. Praying for every need, including those that seem to be in our control, helps us to realize our humanity. Prayer teaches us humbly because we realize the fragility of our lives but at the same time the determination of life when we rely on God who cares for our lives.

In a relationship, conflict cannot be avoided. When a conflict occurs, one of the actions we might take is to escape the conflict. In our relationship with God, sin is a barrier for us to come to God. When we live unfavorably before God, we feel reluctant to come to God. However, it is precisely in this situation that we should come to God in our prayers because there is no other way out for us to be able to make peace with God except through coming to God Himself.