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These Are Some Process Of Land Clearing

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Many people want to build a plantation on land. However, some of them did not pay attention to the condition of the land. The land clearing process is a process that must be done so that you can get the right quality and condition of the land. You can search for Land Clearing Near Me so that you get the right land clearing services.

The process of working on land clearing is something that must be done by professionals. There are several land clearing processes that you should know about it.

1. Cut down
Shrubs and small trees that grow under the trees need to be cleared. This job requires 5 to 6 people per hectare. Their work is cutting shrubs and small trees with a diameter of 10 cm slashed or cut with machetes or axes to facilitate the overthrow of large trees.
– Cut wood cubes <10 cm in diameter – Using machetes and axes – Cutting wood should be broken and tried as low as possible or close to the ground – The aim is to facilitate the felling of trees and the implementation of mechanical containers. The bush area does not need to be imitated, it is directly carried out mechanically. 2. Contribute Contribute is the activity of cutting down trees with chainsaws or axes, trees that are 10 cm in diameter are cut down. The cutting height is measured from the ground depending on the diameter. Conditions that apply normally – Raising trees that are> 10 cm in diameter routinely
– The result of the loading is not permitted horizontally over the water lane
– It must be done thoroughly so that there is no half-fallen tree or a tree planted by creeping plants
– Trees that are still standing but dead do not need to be donated until the time of convergence (mechanical rebound)
– Drilling in peatlands is done after a minimum of 6 months completion of drainage and drainage and land degradation.