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Here Are Good Solutions For Clogged Pipes

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Many things can clog the pipes. If this happens, the only thing you have to do is repair the damage. There are a number of things you can do yourself before you decide to call a technician in terms of repairing your water pipe. While waiting for professional plumber singapore at a cheap rate, here are a few things you can do to try to repair the plumbing that is clogged in your home plumber singapore;


Salt is one of the effective solvents to launch clogged pipes. You can mix a pound of salt with 5 liters of hot water. Wait a few minutes for the salt to dissolve. Pour the entire hot solution into the channel that is slowly clogged. 3 hours then drain the channel with water to test whether the water can come out. This method is effective for destroying stubborn plugs in the sink, toilet, toilet, kitchen laundry. This method is only for metal or metal pipes.

Boiling water

Boiling water is effective for reducing mild blockages such as fat deposits, piles of soap, clumps of tangled hair. Attention: this one method is specifically for pipes made of metal or metal. It does not apply to PVC pipes due to the possibility of the pipes melting due to the hot water temperature. How to, cook 1 large pot of water or according to your estimation to boil. Pour slowly into the clogged sink channel. Do it repeatedly until all the plugs become dissolved.

Caustic soda

You must prepare a lot of soda available in building stores. Drain & make sure there is no puddle in the mouth of the pipe. You can pour the soda into the pipeline then you pour it slowly in hot water. You must be careful when watering, make sure it is far from your face because soda reacts when hot water is poured. After a few minutes, flush with plain water to ascertain whether the drains have returned to normal. Flush again with hot water (without soda) if it feels the water has not flowed smoothly.