Do These Tips To Remove Odor On Carpets

If we look at many houses, there are many of them that have carpets as interior support for their furniture. Indeed it is beautiful if our home furnishings are combined with a good carpet, it adds the home’s aesthetic value. Do you need Carpet Cleaning North Shore the hills carpet cleaning?

If the carpet has become dirty, of course it will make the interior of the house look dirty instead of making the interior of the house to be beautiful. The carpet does need to be cleaned regularly so that it is always in a clean condition, indeed we can only use a vacuum cleaner to clean the house carpet, but in some conditions it is sometimes not enough to clean the carpet using a vacuum cleaner, maybe we need to wash it completely with use water.

After you check the overall condition of the carpet and allow it to be washed using a washing machine, then you can start by vacuuming the dust that is still sticking first using a vacuum cleaner.

After cleaning the dust, you can immediately do the washing process as you wash clothes using a washing machine, but you need a special washing machine with a large capacity so that the carpet can be washed to the maximum. You should also add a clothes softener at this stage. You may not squeeze carpet too hard because it can risk damaging the webbing of the carpet.

You should hang out in a sufficient place to hang the carpet, especially on very large carpets. You must make sure not to be exposed to direct sunlight so that the carpet’s hair doesn’t get rough. There must be enough air circulation in your drying place. The carpet does not smell musty when dried.

After the carpet is completely dry, you can sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and leave it for a while and clean the baking soda using a sugar cane suction, which aims to remove the musty odor that may appear after washing and help absorb moisture from the carpet. After that, you trim the carpet feathers by gently brushing. Last, you can spray the fragrance.

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