At Milan Fashion Week, Versace escapes and Giorgio Armani plays the card of comfort

In an anxiety-provoking atmosphere, what could be more appropriate than escape? Friday, September 25, Donatella Versace presented a parade that could have happened underwater, in an imaginary city called “Versacepolis.” “I wanted to create a new world of vibrant colors and fantastic creatures in which we could all peace ”, explains the designer.

The setting plunged into the submarine twilight is made up of ancient ruins.Between the overturned columns and dismembered statues unload male and female mannequins dressed to impress.The trousers are low waisted and the t-shirts cropped, the plunging necklines, the slit skirts.A bright pink minishort is superimposed on another neon green, a cobalt jacket and scarlet heels complete the outfit.Giant and sequined starfish colonize a blazer, they are also in force in the shell and crustacean print of The small assembly that took full eyes at this parade is not the usual fauna: for health reasons, journalists, buyers and influencers were not invited.Instead, Donatella Versace invited her teams (previously tested negative for the Covid) to admire the fruit of their labor.

Giorgio Armani may be 86 years old, he is one of the Italian designers who adapt best to the crisis.In this period when fashion professionals can no longer come to him, he turns to the general public: Saturday 26 September, his behind-the-scenes show was broadcast on Italian television, on one of the main generalist channels, La7.For the warm-up, the show is preceded by a short documentary on the style of the dean of Italian fashion, narrated by transalpine actor star Pierfrancesco Favino.

Posted Date: 2020-10-02

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